~ Family Owned and Operated ~ (FD 1710)

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"Dear Robert Robinson:
Thank you so much for helping me out with my belated husband's funeral arrangement, and also finding the ceremony property.  I truly appreciate it."

"Dear Cesar:
I drafted so many letters in terms of how I can thank you for everything you have done for us.  However, in the end, I feel I will just say, 'Thank you'.
... Thank you so much for your service, thank you so much for this wonderful family business..."

"Dear Julie:
I want to thank you and your staff for the great job they performed for my brother's funeral.  They were very helpful and very professional in their respective positions.

Mike Beard, specifically, was very professional and sympathetic to our feelings at the same time.  He gave great advice on different ways to deal with our loss which, as I mentioned to my family members, was some of the best advice I've heard from anyone... Because of people like him and his great sensitivity to our feelings at a time like this, it really made us realize what a great funeral home you have and we are very glad to have chosen you.

Cesar was... doing everything he can to have a great funeral service.  (We were told that) we may or may not get the military during the date of the burial.  But much to our surprise, we did have the military with the taps and the gun salute that day.  I think he had played a great part in making that happen.  He also helped us out in processing the paperwork for my niece's veterans benefits.  And as always, like Mike, he was there every time we had a question or needed help with anything else related to your services and even beyond.

We also want to mention that Suzy and the minister were very professional and helpful as well during the funeral service..."



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