do u get paid for tiktok>do u get paid for tiktok

do u get paid for tiktok

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do u get paid for tiktok

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    You will get paid the commissions generated by a product that is in Pre-Order status after the product has shipped, per our usual 60-days payment terms. The effective shipment date is taken into account to initiate the payment process, for this reason you will have to wait for the shipment of the product to trigger the earnings generation for your qualifying purchase. Please visit Payment Schedule help pages to learn more. It is of course possible that a customer may arrive at via your Associates link, add an item to his Shopping Cart, and then leave Amazon.comwithout placing an order. As long as the item was added to the customer's Shopping Cart during this 24-hour window, you will still earn a referral commission if the order is placed before the Shopping Cart expires (usually after 90 days). The referral commission will not be credited to your Associates account until the customer has purchased the item, accepted delivery, and remitted full payment to



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    The company said it had over 12,000 employees who worked to combat fraudulent reviews, including those stemming from groups that coordinate their efforts on platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Amazon said it had reported over 10,000 fake review groups to Meta. The e-commerce site said the groups targeted its sites in the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Japan.


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    There are multiple apps that will automatically keep track of your mileage for you. It's not the best case scenario (refreshing the Flex app every few minutes gets old fast), but it can help you earn more money as an Amazon Flex driver.


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